Golden Retriever Stud Service (Cebu City)

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New contact number: 0908-192.0888

(bear-like but with an "angelic" face)

Summer & Trisha

Summer & Sunshine....

Summer & Shannon...


**Although PCCI accepts registration of dams as young as 8 months (tsk tsk!), we at Stormwind Kennel DO NOT accept under aged female dogs for stud service. Please be a responsible breeder and wait until your female dog is physically and sexually mature.

First-timer? Not to fret! We give out personalized dog pregnancy guide on how you should take care of your pregnant goldie. We're concerned about the well being of your dog and future pups.

**Sorry we were not able to include all of the photos of the past stud services.


bippityboppityboo said...

hi. i'm new to the whole blogging world. could you help me with something? i want to "subscribe" to your blogs and learn all about suki :) funny thing is my female cocker spaniel is probably pregnant *fingerscrossed* and decided to keep one and name him Suki. i'm from Dumaguete, by the way :)

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The lives of two dog lovers and how their 7 adorable dogs: 3 Golden Retrievers, 3 Cocker Spaniels & a Husky rule their world.

Meet Summer, the padre de pamilya who is a prolific stud; Duchess, the golden girl who is obsessed with fetching balls;
Zoe, the good-tempered & playful girl with the kindest heart; Suki, our baby who always brightens up our day with her kisses & affection; Taco & Tubby, the cocker spaniel brothers and our Siberian Husky named Kenzo who has extra strength powers. :)

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