Dogs playing fetch in the beach

Here are more photos of my 3 dogs at Hale Manna Resort in Moalboal Beach, Cebu. I lost the rope toy and ball that I brought somewhere-- but was glad that I found a small driftwood for them to play with.

It was Kenzo's first time in the ocean (and to swim for that matter), but this pup is a brave one! He headed straight to the waters without any hesitation at all.

My Zoe girl really loves to play fetch!

I'm proud of you Kenzo! How on earth did you beat Zoe on that one?

Champion swimmer

I love the splashing water!

Addicted to the sea! Zoe got the stick again. 

The 3 dogs race for the stick! Kenzo had his eye on it already

My hubby together with Suki. It's slowly getting dark. 
I better do some last minute snorkeling while there's still sunlight...

I tied Zoe up just so she wouldn't head to the waters again. Look at her, still 
gazing at the ocean.  Zoe just can't get enough.  
Another captured shot of Suki being h*rny again

Now that my dogs were all dry, it was time for me to have some fun.
This is me snorkeling and meditating underwater. haha! This is part of my 
lotus-position yoga photo series.    My bro took this shot

It was sunset when my brother and I finished snorkeling.
I took this shot of him. What a beautiful sunset at the beach!


Robb Smith said...

Hey! The pictures look amazing and so much fun. I can't wait to take my dogs for a dip in the ocean. Actually I wasn't fully convinced with this idea before I met dog lovers who do this on regular basis. I should plan this out soon for my pets and family. I wanted to ask you whether you are particular about the material being used in the pet toys? I wanted to buy something for a game of fetch but a little apprehensive as to whether it will harm my pets in anyway. Enlighten me!


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