The Gentle Giants: English Mastiffs on the loose

One evening, hubby and I visited Jugs, my good friend.  It was past 11pm and I thought  of dropping by since we were in the area.  We got down from our car and as we were walking towards his house,  this crazy guy released his 2 huge dogs without any leash.  

The 2 MASSIVE dogs ran towards us and oh was hubby scared! I laughed so hard while I gave the dogs a hug. I was just with the dogs a few days earlier, and I know how ever so gentle they are. 

Guys, meet Fysol-- the 2 year old English Mastiff and Matsu, the mom. See the size difference between the 2 dogs?

 Matsu giving out a funny face:

See that saliva on his face? I am being careful as he might wipe it off me again. haha!

 Look at the size of that head! compared to mine:

 Fysol up! He was soooo heavy and I felt like falling on my back

We stayed over for 2 hours, the entire time Fysol kept close to us and wanted to be pet and hugged all the time. He showed off his tricks and obedience stuff. 

Both dogs are very smart and trained by their master, Jugs.

 Hubby's turn to "dance" with Fysol

 Fysol and his mom, Matsu!

 Did I mention the dogs are trained using German commands? 
I only remember the words Fuss! Platz! Sitz! Aus! So ist brav!

 If any of you are looking for a dog stug for your English Mastiff, you may contact my friend directly in this number: 0917.8466.444 (Jugs/Julian T.)


aira said...

hi, ang cute naman po ng dog nyo ska ang laki pa mahal po ba bili nyo jan tnx for sharing

k9 said...

i liked the photos. hope you all are having fun together
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Ryan Jones said...

I saw a mastiff at a dog park I went to a few weeks ago. Just out of curiousity, what is it like having a mastiff?

Brandon said...

whoah! this mastiff is really huge! i want to hug one! :D

Anonymous said...

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bird aviary said...

He's really big. Nice photos.

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