Welcome to Cebu Kenzo!!!

At long last, I'm back in Cebu after 2 long weeks of being in Manila! I miss my dogs back home and was so excited to finally see all of them. Poor Kenzo had to stay in his dog carrier for 5 hours straight. I let him play with my parent's super hyper Jack Russel and Dachshund all morning until I left for the airport. I wanted him to be tired from all the running around from playing with the other dogs.  I don't like those 2 dogs (didn't grow up under my obedience training, hehe thus they're quite "neurotic". 

My plan  worked like a charm! Kenzo was well behaved all throughout the long trip. He was sleeping like a baby in the car until the time I checked him in for the plane ride back to Cebu.  My flight was delayed for 1 1/2 hours & that made me really agitated leaving Kenzo that long alone in his carrier. 

Here's Kenzo's first car ride here in Cebu! :D

Kenzo's my hubby's Valentine's gift to me! Woohooo I'm so lucky to be married to a dog-lover. 
What a nice surprise to be given another pup. He saw how extremely sad I was when we needed to let go of the other huskies (needed cash for an emergency).  

Merrel, Ruff, Chums and Jack....please take very very good care of your new huskies! I cried as each one of them left & wala ko ka say goodbye ni Keanu & Mojo. Cge lang, I know that they are all in very good hands now! I miss our daily afternoon walks & playtime with the pack...kamo na bahala sa exercise nila ha! I'd be really happy to see more photos of them here in Cebudogs.


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