Last dog walk for February

Here's some blurry photos of our dog walk this afternoon. Zoe's been a good girl lately as she does not run away to head to the neighbor's house anymore. :) Maybe she's ready to be set off-leash again. I guess she's proven herself worthy of that trust. For the past few days, we let her run free but still with the leash following her about. In that way, if ever she does get naughty, we can easily catch her. So far, so good! She's been sticking with the pack as we took our walk. I guess it was only a phase for her to roam about because she was approaching her heat/period. Good thing that's all over and done with.

Kenzo was so adorable today as he howled like a cute fat boy. He wanted to run free along with the other dogs, but he was stuck with his leash. Good thing I had an extra ball in my cabinet because we all missed playing fetch. The ball, as usual fell in the cliff-- and I had to tell Percy (our helper) to get it all the way down there. She threw it much too hard again.

I still feel bad I lost the very expensive Kong toy. It cost me around P800 including the shipping charges...and it only lasted for 2 weeks! The dogs had so much fun getting the treats we put inside it. Apparently if you throw it-- it bounces off unpredictably in different directions. Thus, off to the cliff it went. :(

Here's Fil and Summer running around the street. Summer is the most deprived of the dog's afternoon walks. Why? He's much too strong for us to handle. Sometimes we just want a leisure walk or easy playtime. Unlike the other dogs where we just let them run free, Summer on the otherhand has to be on the leash all the time. He's always looking for other dogs to hump on. He's a stud dog, that's why. If he doesn't get laid within a month, he gets very h*rny and tries to hump on us even. Poor Zoe. Summer was trying to mount her. Tsk tsk! Bad dog Summer! No incest in this kennel allowed.

Ahhhh here's our little Kenzo, as he took his afternoon nap.

Phat boi Kenzo. Oooh we just love to tickle his tummy


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