Kenzo's first off leash dog walk

I was playing fetch with our dogs today when my little husky, was barking crazier than usual. He was tied on a leash and wanted to join in on the fun the bigger dogs had as they chased the ball. I wasn't done yet with my lead training on him yet but I decided to give it a try. I set Kenzo free and he didn't run away! The last time I set him free, he ran so fast towards the neighbors house. Kenzo headed straight to their kitchen too, just like what Zoe (golden) does when she would run.

Our neighbors have this peculiar thing of eating dinner as early as 5:30pm. I'm serious. For the general Filipinos, 5:30pm is late merienda time, but for them...that's already dinner. I know we live by the mountains of lower Busay (Cebu City is only a mere 5 mins away), its amusing that my neighbors act like they live in the province. Their lights are totally out around 8:30-9pm, everyone is asleep. They have their dinner in their backyard, and sometimes the smell of their food drives my dogs crazy. Good thing though that Zoe is the only one who heads there. I  would be so embarassed at the thought of my dogs grabbing my neighbor's dinner off the table.  

What a joy seeing Kenzo run free for the first time with a leash! He felt so free! He then joined the big dogs as they played fetch. To our amusement, Kenzo was able to chase after the ball! What a feat Kenzo boy! We're so proud of you. Percy (our helper) and I were laughing so hard because Kenzo was able to beat Duchess (the fetch Champion among the goldens) and Tubby (the cocker spaniel fetch champion).

Look at the left most dog in the pic. Taco has the ball in his mouth. :) Kenzo is having a blast 

Oh see how they run! Suki as usual (dog in the lower part of the pic) doesn't join them in their fetch game. Unusual dog who only plays fetch with me when we're alone together. She's not much of a teamplayer. hehe! 

Water time. Summer is always tied up because this stud dog always tries to escape as he looks for dogs to mount on.  Here's Kenzo playing with Summer.

Back upstairs, Kenzo cools down by his personal fan. He always sticks his face in the fan. 

Every night at around 10pm we go outside for a quick night walk. We set  the 2 male cocker spaniels free because they're the only ones who are in a cage. One last pee and poop before they sleep. These 2 dogs look forward to their night run every night. 

Lo and Behold, there were fireworks in the sky! I quickly ran up to grab my camera and small tripod. You can even see the electrical wire in the pic. Thanks to the party at Maria Luisa for the wonderful light show! Yup, its visible from where we live.. just the mountain right across our house.

Last night I was so tired from working in the PC that I didn't make it to my bedroom... I slept on the sofa bed instead. When I woke up at 6am this morning, I found out Suki slept beside me. This is what she looked like: 

This dog loves pillows. I have more than a dozen sleeping photos of her and she just loves to sleep on my bed, with her head and body on my pillows. :)  


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