Pedigree Dogs Exposed

A shocking exposé of one of the greatest animal welfare scandals of our time
This is not a video about Pedigree Dog Food recall....rather it's a shocking film about how some breeders out of obsession, produce pure- bred dogs for "beauty" rather than their dog's health, welfare and function.   Their breeding program aims for the "exaggerated" physical attributes  - in their efforts to win dog shows. It's an investigative documentary by BBC that exposes the devastating consequences of genetic disease of dogs. 

The first part of the video is hard to bare as you will see many dogs suffering in pain. Continue to watch it as it just gets more interesting. Please be patient as the entire movie loads and please watch it. Just put it on silent and wait for the movie to load up before so you can watch it continuously. This documentary is totally worth your time as you'll LEARN a lot of things.

Towards the middle of the video, you'll see the extent of what show dog owners would do just to satisfy their vanity of having a show dog according to the standards set by other people. Poor show dogs have to suffer for the obsession of their owners. You'll see the SHOCKING truth of how some dog breeds have physically changed as a result of years of inbreeding and narrowing of the gene pool. 

Now we know the truth on the harsh consequences of deliberate inbreeding for this has resulted in serious genetic diseases found on many breeds. You will see actual dog champions from UK who are still being bred and continue to produce offspring despite having serious diseases.

In UK just recently (January 2009), they revised breed standards, which will "not include anything that could in any way be interpreted as encouraging features that might prevent a dog from breathing, walking and seeing freely. They have banned closed inbreeding (parent/child and sibling/sibling which took effect last March 1, 2009.

Much respects to BBC One and to the film's producer Jemma Harrison for this amazing documentary. Let's continue to campaign for the welfare of our dogs...that they may be FIT FOR FUNCTION, FIT FOR LIFE.


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