Am Cocker Spaniel beach babe

Cebu has one of the finest beaches in the country. Here we are at my Aunt's private beach (we call it Hale Manna) in Moalboal, Cebu, Philippines.

Suki's mini water hole I so love this photo! It was low tide and Suki still wanted to swim. While the two other dogs (the husky and golden) were chasing each other, Suki found her own puddle of water!

Hubby and I were laughing so hard when we saw Suki comfortably submerging herself with whatever water the low tide has left

After a long day swimming & running with Kenzo & Zoe, here's
Suki peacefully sleeping on the grass. She used my husband's leg
as her pillow.
wow she's really into deep sleep! Must be that tired huh?! She did not even budge when I approached her for a close-up shot.
After the power nap, my hubby went back to the sitting position but Suki still refuses to get
off his legs. What a sweet dog this is!

Let me add an underwater photo I took while I went snorkeling
a few meters right by the shore


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