Siberian Husky goes tropical

Our adorable Kenzo loves the beach! The first time he ever saw the ocean, he swam right in!
Human or canine, who could resist not swimming here?

We had to tie him up cos he kept swimming over and over again. What a brave one this dog is, he heads to the water even if he's alone.

"Mommy, please let me swim again"
Fur still wet

The wind blowing on his face made him look chinky-eyed

Now he's all dry, Kenzo still can't stop staring at the water

This was taken the next day. Kenzo swam around 5x that day!


Ryan Jones said...

Nice closeup pictures of the husky. He seems to be enjoying the tropics despite his fur coat.

Ana Chen said...

could you please tell me where that beach is at and can you recall an approximate of degrees? i have a husky and have been hesitating to take him to the beach. i live in panama city, panama

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