Healthy Dog Treats

In addition to feeding my pack their daily dog food, I take the time every week to make some them healthy dog treats. It's great for snacking during our daily afternoon walks and I also use it as a reward when I train my dogs.

Satin Balls are made to
put weight on your dogs. That's why I originally made them because I have one dog (among my pack of 7) who's a very picky eater. He's not only picky, he eats very slow. Pretty weird for a humongous golden retriever.

Now i make Satin Balls as dog treats and only use high quality lean ground beef. I only feed a 2-4 ping-pong sized balls per training (which I also divide into smaller bite-sized treats). I don't want them to get used to eating this delicious treat (without the dog food) as it will spoil them.

Here's one version of Satin Balls:
Ground Beef
Wheat Germ
Karo syrup (mollasses)

I mix the ingredients above and then roll it in crushed whole wheat cereal (no sugar) for some crunch. Sometimes I mix in some chopped boiled chicken liver and a little cheese, but just a little bit because too much is not good for them.

I sprinkle their dog food with a little Brewer's Yeast a few times each week (I tend to forget as it is stored in the fridge).

One of the things we include in our grocery list is plain yogurt and yakult. All my dogs love it!

Every week we each give them 2 tablespoons of yogurt and half a serving of yakult. They both have live cultures that includes Lactobacillus Acidophilus. Probiotics keeps us humans and dogs healthy! They replace the bad bacteria with the good bacteria and it helps to maintain a good digestive system.

Yogurt is also great for dogs with diarrhea and upset stomach. If you have tiny puppies that are sick, its ok to give them a little yogurt because it's very gentle on the tummy. Yogurt is also one of the main ingredients in homemade puppy formula.

When our dogs get sick and we have to administer some real antibiotics-- we always bounce them back with yogurt. Antibiotics attempt to kill off ALL bacteria in the system -- good guys and bad guys alike. So we need to replace the good bacteria that was also destroyed by antibiotic treatments.

Please don't buy flavored yogurt, with fruit bits as they are too sweet for them.
Never give them fresh cow's milk since dogs lack the enzymes to process cow's milk, so this can cause an upset stomach. Be very careful just in case your pet is lactose intolerant.

I used to buy benebac for my newborn puppies, but I realized that yogurt can give the same beneficial effect.

My dogs loved boiled or steamed veggies. This cauliflower snack is for my Cocker Spaniel, Suki. This is one of her favorite veggies.
While those treats above were for my dogs, I made some treats for us humans as well! Homemade blueberry cheesecake! yum yum yum! (wiped-out in just one day)

Naughty Kenzo destroyed Suki's dog tag. :(


Anonymous said...

Good treats , I will give some to my baby too.

thankyou for photos .


as an example said...

Awesome stuff, thank you and keep coming with these, will be back again.

Yakult Girl said...

Interesting food combination, Yakult contains probiotics strain whereas multiple strain is more beneficial...Thanks for sharing your recipe.

Nury Martinez said...

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