Summer - the smooth and gentle lover

My hubby was the one present in the stud session above.  He forgot the name of this light-colored female golden. whoops! My hubby also forgot to take photos of the other dog that had Summer's stud service last April.  Talk about being forgetful. :) I was out of town that time and he even forget to fill up our official records to keep track of all our stud services. 

Hubby didn't like the shooter named Dennis and swears never to allow him to be near Summer again. This particular shooter was chosen by the owner of the dog and it was his first time to be us. He was very rough and crude. Just as Summer was about to release, he offensively showed Summer's thing to my hubby while it was inside the female's body.  I wouldn't go down to rest of the details of what else he did. Why he did it, we don't know. It's very unprofessional and cruel. All we were concerned about was that Summer let out a yelp and was hurt. Our poor dog.   


Here are my shots of Lyka and Athena, both gorgeous goldens! The rain suddenly poured hard thus we had to do the stud session inside the garage. Lyka and Summer both got wet here as they were transferred indoors. The shooter's name is Paul and he was ok. 


Here's our favorite shooter, Rod...doing his thing as gentle as can be. He knows Summer's style and the way he approaches his female as he readies to mount. We had to let Summer rest for a month, because he had some treatments. We had to turn down one stud session, but its all good! All for the well being of Summer boy.   

After more than a month of abstinence, Summer was as hot as ever. hehe! As soon as he saw Athena, Summer was able to mount him in less than a minute...barely with the help of the shooter. We all laughed so hard!  

Athena is a first-timer and Rod was amazed that she didn't cry and hesitated a bit. He mentioned he forgot to bring the muzzle (an essential for first-timer females, so they wouldn't nip when they're in pain). Athena, without any qualms looked like she was actually enjoying it! :)

Summer was amazing as usual! smooth and steady...

Aaaathena baby! One of our favorite dog boarders. She stayed with us for almost a week, even after the stud sessions. Her owner, a very nice guy left out-of-town for work. He baby talks to Athena a lot and that's how this dog probably got her loving attitude. She's the sweetest dog and would call our attention everytime we'd pass by. She craves for a loving rub on her belly. Once you stop, she'll bark to ask for some more pats.  

She's initially quite a shy dog and would often hide her tail in submission. Our dogs had fun playing with Athena and I'm pretty sure she had fun too. It's a great thing that she's trained to walk off-leash, thus she was able to join a long game of fetch with my dogs every afternoon.

Here's Athena chasing the ball with Suki, my Cocker Spaniel  



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