Why we repack our dog food

Every time we buy a big bag of dog food, I tell our helper to repack them in the appropriate servings per day. These are then placed in a big container tightly covered.

Why go through all that hassle? I found out that repacking has many benefits:

1. It keeps the dog food fresh since they are individually sealed. Humidity, molds, ants and other insects won't be able to penetrate the bag. Thus, no bacteria and bad elements to make my dogs sick.

2. One big container is good for one day for all of my dogs. Thus, we don't underfeed or overfeed them. If we feel they are hungrier than usual (boosted appetite because of play and exercise), then we just open the other small resealable containers.

3. I know how many days a big sack of dog food lasts, thus I can budget my finances and plan ahead for the next purchase.

4. A sack of dog food now lasts longer than it used to (thus saving me a LOT of money). There are no estimates when my helper is lazy to scoop out the exact portions or when she losses count. Make no mistake, quality dog food does cost a lot! I will never scrimp on my dogs...but I also don't want to give them excess dog food too, making them obese and unhealthy. That's extra fat on their belly and an ouch on the pocket for me!

5. We keep the big container in the garage and just bring the individual servings in the kitchen where it is lovingly prepared when we sometimes mix boiled vegetables in it.

6. The only semi-hard part is portioning the dog food all at once (will take less than an hour). After that, its a breeze! We have 7 dogs, so scooping out and counting all the portions from the big bag every single day is tiring! Ever since we repacked, we just open the container good for that day and then divide into their individual bowls. Fresh and easy.

7. Trust me, if you do this method--- you will find that your sack of dog food will last longer than it used to.

***advisable if you have more than 3 dogs


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