Lets "LEAVE IT" together!

Keep your eye on the prize

My dogs know the command "leave it" but I decided to have a little fun letting them face each other. This video captured the first time I did this kind of face off :) Oh was I laughing so hard!

Check out Suki, the Am. Cocker Spaniel fully concentrating on the dog treat...while Kenzo, the Husky did his best to control his food urges. He needs a little more practice on speed!

This video was taken after our afternoon walk. I let them rest for an hour before giving them a bath. While waiting and out of sheer boredom, I did this food face-off.

It's 4am right now and I'm still doing some overtime work. A few hours from now we're going to the BEACH! I don't want to leave without finishing my tasks. The better to fully enjoy our weekend get-away with nothing to think of.

I feel a little sad that I can only bring along 1 dog. 2 people are hitching in the car with my hubby and I, thus I can't bring 2 dogs to the beach. We were supposed to take Summer (Golden Retriever) along, but he has a stud session service to fulfill this weekend. I was undecided between Zoe (the other golden) or Kenzo (husky). Looks like only Suki will be joining us in the beach. She sits and sleeps quietly like a baby in my lap during the entire ride.

My dogs are sleeping right now and this is what they exactly look like:

Suki is so cute sleeping in her dog bed! This wonder dog loves to sleep while with a pillow for her head. We did not humanize her. She's much too observant for her own good that she is so attuned with the human ways.

This used to be one of the pillows in our bed...and now its hers. Crazy thing is, she did not pay much attention to her dog bed before when it was just a plain dog bed. Once I transferred this specific pillow there, she's been sleeping most of the time in her own dog bed if she ain't snuggling up with us.

Ok, time to go back to work now. No more dog blogging. Ahhh excited to go back to the beach!


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