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We have a new guest in the house tonight and her name is Precious!
We met the dog's owner Allan this morning as he dropped off his Golden Retriever. Like one of our previous stud service clients, the dog's owner is a busy person and he is going out of town this weekend-- thus cannot drop their female dog 3x (every other day) to our place.

We're going to be dog-sitters for the next couple of days.

We have had many instances wherein our dog guests do not like our dog food. They eat so little and I do not like that. Either they are homesick thus has no appetite. Perhaps they are fed a different dog food brand mixed with ultra delicious sauces or their owners feed them pure table food. For my own pack, I do mix in human food once in awhile but I am extra careful--feeding mostly vegetables and shredded meat. I do not add savory sauces and soups if they are salty and made delicious with flavor enhancers (MSGs, ready-mixed stuff and bouillons are a total no-no!).

Aside from stamina during the stud session, these future moms need their nutrition for a healthy womb environment. So, learning from our previous experience--- We always advice the owner of the dam to BRING THEIR OWN DOG FOOD. Not only that, we tell them to REPACK it in the appropriate portions/food servings of their dog. When we meet up, we ask about the feeding time and other weird habits of their dog. Talk about personal service. :)

As a dog friendly Bed & Breakfast, How I wish we had real doggy beds for our guest, complete with fresh sheets. (uh-oh!). Spoil them to frenzy with their own towels, shampoo & massage too. Being realistic, we feed our guest, give them fresh mineral water, play with them and take them out for short walks too.

So back to our guest for tonight: Precious. Imagine my disbelief when the dog's owner handed my the food: a pack of liver. He then told me that his Precious does not eat dog food at all. Naturally we are going to mix the liver with rice. I asked, "So what do you feed your dog back home?" He goes, "Liver everyday." WHAT? Was he totally serious?

I told him that feeding liver for long periods of time is BAD for dogs. Yes, liver is a remedy against anemia... it contains a unique acid that from the blood in the liver (thus giving "fresh blood"). What's scary is you have to make sure that the liver you are feeding your dogs comes from a healthy animal. Among the liver's many responsibilities are blood detoxification, waste removal and bile production to aid digestion. If that liver you are feeding your dogs comes from a bad source, you may directly be feeding your dogs bacteria and toxic stuff. There's such a thing as liver toxicity that's why just give it to your dog with moderation, not more than twice a week.

I use boiled liver as dog treats, but again...too much is harmful. It may cause vitamin A toxicity. Vitamin A is a fat soluble vitamin which means excess is not excreted in the urine.
This can cause deformed bones, excessive bone growth on the elbows and spine, weight loss and anorexia.

Oh please, go easy on the liver for Precious when she gets back home.


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