Dog kisses alarm clock

Its so good to be back home after being out of town for 5 days. We missed our dogs so much! Two of our dogs sleep in our room: Suki, the Am. cocker spaniel and Kenzo, the Siberian Husky.

The natural way to wake up
At exactly 7am, Kenzo wakes up and jumps on our bed to wet our face with his slurpy kisses. If you try to push him down the bed, the more he will try to kiss you some more. I reached out for my cam and took some photos this morning.

He won't stop kissing us not until we stand up.

They both have their dog beds and their own pillows right below our bed. Kenzo is getting so big already (turning 8 months) that we had to get him his own bed. Suki is the cunning one. She waits for us to sleep and then climbs on our bed once we're snoring.

What a pretty sight! Since Kenzo woke me up first, I was able to take a photo of my hubby and Suki asleep!
Suki likes to snuggle up.

Now that we're all awake, here's Kenzo lying down and hugging me. If I say the command "lie down" he automatically lies down in my lap for his much favorite belly rub.

This is Kenzo's favorite spot.... directly facing the air-con. He has super bionic ears. Once he hears the air-con being turned on, he quickly makes a dash to this spot to position himself.

We're all up but Suki falls asleep again in the foot of the bed. Kenzo tries to nudge and wake her up but to no avail. The cool air-con and our cozy room is very conducive to sleep in. Besides, its so early!


Emmanuel said...

My Siberian husky totally loves the air-condition too. Sleeps like a baby!

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