How we toilet-trained our new puppy

Here's some of our photos as my hubby and I woke up to a happy morning in celebration of Kenzo's achievement. celebrate

Today's a happy day because Kenzo has finally learned how to knock (scratch the door). Now we know when exactly he needs to go thus we open the door for him so he could poop or pee outside. Kenzo has completed his toilet training in the Stormwind Kennel household! tepuktangan

Two of our dogs, (Kenzo & Suki) sleeps with us. One of the greatest joy it gives us is waking up to the slurpy kisses of Kenzo, signalling to us that we should get up and let him out. On most days when we are too tired to wake up early (he wakes up between 6-7am), he kisses us but then we fall back to sleep. When we do finally wake up, we find a messy combination of poop and pee right by the door. ugh! takbole

How we taught Kenzo to poop/pee in the right place
Crate training is one of the easiest ways in housebreaking your dogs. You put the new puppy in a small cage, big enough for him/her to move around...but small enough so that they wouldn't want to dirty their personal space.

We let Kenzo out every 2-3 hours and lead him to the designated area that has a rug or newspapers. We always sing out our command, a silly "wee-wee" or "poo-poo" tune that I made. In the act of urinating, we keep singing it so they would associate that command. menari At the end, we all then give out an exaggerated "good poo-poo!" then hug and pat him like crazy. Oh Kenzo loves all the attention when he does a good deed! peluk

Positive reinforcement is always the way to go. Praise, praise, praise everytime they are obedient and follow your commands. But when messy accidents happen, tension (they are puppies after all and are not perfect), a firm "bad dog" will suffice....but I like to be very specific so they could understand me better. I use the commands "bad poo-poo" or "bad wee-wee".

Consistency & timing is everything. Always praise/scold your dog the very moment they finish the good or bad deed. If you wait too long, they may not associate it with what you're trying to teach them. One of the worst time and place that Kenzo poops is when have dinner and he poops right below the table. (yes, while we are eating. ugh!). He does get a nasty scolding from the point that I push his nose as close as possible to the poop. He then runs scared as hell from me. tension If you do catch your dogs doing something not nice, never let them get away with it. Don't use your normal voice... I suggest to speak in a low and firm voice so that they could tell the difference that you're not happy with what they did.

After 2 weeks, Kenzo is toilet-trained. Now, he could sleep with us in our room because we already trust him. The problem is, if we don't wake up to his morning kisses & to open the door for him, he makes a mess right by the door.

Kenzo, the water guzzler
It took us 2 more weeks so that he could finally understand how to knock/scratch the door. He's still a puppy after all and its hard to control your bladder. All the more that this husky pup is a water guzzler! He absolutely loves to drink water all day, all night. When he has to go, he has to go.

This is me telling Kenzo what a good boy he is! I praise him with "good poo poo" or "good wee-
wee" every time he does his dirty business in the right place.

Suki, our cocker spaniel is the queen of all the toilet-trained dogs that we have. She never falters. In the span of 2 years and a half, we transferred to 3 different places. With each new place, she naturally understood that it was not allowed to poop/pee in our room. That's her personal space too after all. I guess Kenzo learned thru her example and by watching her as well. She's amusing because if we don't wake up when she scratches the door...she barks louder and louder until we finally get up for her.


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