Zoe, our Golden Retriever goes to the beach!

Here's Zoe resting after a swim in the beach

Another sleeping photo of Zoe

Zoe waiting for her big bowl of breakfast to arrive

Zoe hangs out as our crew were having a meeting

Out for an early morning swim!

My cousin said Zoe looks like a llama or a golden
sheep in the photo below. :)

Happy doggy!

frolicking by the shore during low tide

Zoe grapples Kenzo down

and the chase is on!

After all the running and swimming by the
shore, our 3 dogs finally take a rest

Zoe's favorite spot, under the bench

smell the camera

Kenzo's big nose. Behind the dogs you'll see me with my bad sunburn.

fooling around even during rest time

Zoe still a bit wet after her swim

here's our baby Kenzo

me with the 2 dogs

Zoe facing the ocean, still wants to swim

My hubby unwinds by the hammock with our dogs.

PitaPata - Personal picturePitaPata


tundra said...

I can't believe this is Zoe! She's so big already!

PETtell said...

What a cute and adorable pet. It's fascinating that pets can now have an online profile to share with other pet lovers as well.

Anonymous said...

Your dogs are so beautiful ,and they love you sooo much. I have a cocker like suki , so cute too.
Can I ask you what type of dog food you feed them ,and what country are you in ; I am in Canada .

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