Nina the Husky + Sassy and Summer (Stud Session)

Here's Alfred and CJ, owners of Sassy. Photo taken during their 1st stud session last March 15.
Sassy was very sweet and polite. She didn't wince not one bit, considering it was her first time.

Our ever reliable Rod, the power shooter. He has some new assistants who is under "training" now & still trying to learn the ropes of dog shooting. . 

Suki our Cocker Spaneiel sleeps in our bed every night. Here's an old photo of my hubby and Suki, peacefully sleeping one evening. We just moved in our new house when this photo was taken.

I got an update on how Nina is doing right now.  Her new owner Meryll is definitely taking well good care of her. She takes her out for a walk as the sun is about to rise.  She also has 2 companions, a labrador and a belgian mallinois.  

Meryl's post in her blog: 
" Nina is doing good. She is eating well and I can bring them both Peachy(lab pup) and her for a walk at once. I used a leash for now because I am not confident enought to off leash her. The house doesn't have a front gate yet and I dont want that there might be accidents among the dogs and the public buses. We go out every morning, they take a poop and watch sunrise and feel the sea breeze till the sun is up najud. Nina Usually take seistas all the time with Peachy in the living room while Myah stays in the hallway at the 2nd floor." 
Meryll and Nina! 

Here's an old photo of Nina which I haven't posted in this site yet. That's me behind her. I miss the days when I took all the 4 husky pups out, along with my 3 goldens and 3 cockers. So much fun running in the streets with all of them off leash! At least I'm happy that they all found very good homes. Plus, I have Kenzo--my new husky pup who is also as sweet as ever. 


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The lives of two dog lovers and how their 7 adorable dogs: 3 Golden Retrievers, 3 Cocker Spaniels & a Husky rule their world.

Meet Summer, the padre de pamilya who is a prolific stud; Duchess, the golden girl who is obsessed with fetching balls;
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